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Peregrinating around Paris

By a procrastinator in Paris! 

Thursday, April 13, 2006

9:32 pm - Index

Getting there

Scene along the Seine

Hotel des Invalides (1) - the front and the main Courtyard

Hotel des Invalides (2) - the Dome Church

Hotel des Invalides (3) - the Soldiers' Church

Hotel des Invalides (4) - Musee de Armee

Hotel des Invalides (5) - miscellaneous pics

Pont Alexandre III


Spring-time in Paris

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Moulin Rouge

Tour Eiffel (1) - seen from ground level

Tour Eiffel (2) - seen from Trocadero

Tour Eiffel (3) - 2nd Level

Tour Eiffel (4) - the top!

Tour Eiffel (5) - walking down

Lourve (1) - outside

Lourve (2) - inside

Star Wars L'Expo (1) - the world of Star Wars

Star Wars L'Expo (2) - The good,...

Star Wars L'Expo (3) - ...the bad,...

Star Wars L'Expo (4) - ...and the ugly!

Star Wars L'Expo (5) - the vehicles

Star Wars L'Expo (6) - Star Wars on paper

Star Wars L'Expo (7) - the toys!

Various other places

Miscellaneous pics

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9:02 pm - Various other places

Left: Grand Palaias, Right: steps leading up to Basilique du Sacre Coeur (altho we took the funicular up!)

Left: Petite Palaias, Right: Champs de Elyses leading to the Arc De Triomphe (see it?)

Left: Notre Dame - would have taken loads more pics but battery ran out! Right: Scultures outside Musee D'Orsay

More pics outside Musee D'Orsay - can't go in cuz there was a strike! :-(

Left: Hotel De Ville, Right: Tour Eiffel at nite!

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8:43 pm - Miscellaneous pics

Left: Alberto preparing his lunch in our room at the Garden Hotel (see the park outside the window?) Middle & Right: Hotel San Sebatien

Our only dinner outside together - and we had Italian/Pizza!!! Whatever... My seafood pizza looked nicer than it taste - while Aliz as usual put ketchup on her pizza, much to Alberto's annoyance! ;-)

There were double decker trains! The stations ("La Gare") were all without any character, unlike the Underground stations. Except for one station where i discovered you can play Boggle while waiting...

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8:05 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - the toys!

I passed the test! I went thru the hall of Star Wars merchandise and walked out without buying a thing!!!! The force is truly strong wif me.

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8:02 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - Star Wars on paper

Original screenplays and designs on paper

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8:01 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - the world of Star Wars

See where the Emperor was thrown down, go to the planet of Utapau, join the crowd in Tatooine for the pod-races and wander in the swamp lands of Dagobah!

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7:59 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - The good...

Han Solo on carbonite

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7:54 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - ...the bad...

These fellas would do anything for money!

The comical battle *roger roger* droids

The evil empire

OK - these guys aren't really bad but they tried to harm our heroes so they end up in this category!

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7:52 pm - Star Wars L'Expo - ...and the ugly!

Evolution of Jabba the Hutt!

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